• “I am very pleased to have been referred to Momentum PT. Nichole has helped me immensely and modifies my needs when needed. The office is pleasant and bright and everyone is happy, knowledgeable, and helpful.”

    – Staci H.

  • “Want results? Your search for a quality physical therapy solution has ended. I recommend Momentum Physical Therapy for all of your therapy needs. I toured competing rehabilitation clinics, prior to my knee surgery. I witnessed impersonal high volume offices with a commercialized routine with standard exercise hand-outs – no thanks. To the contrary, I found Momentum Physical Therapy to be an ideal solution with specialized equipment, accredited staff expertise, scheduling availability and a diverse treatment regiment. Their customized approach is both holistic and targeted; while balancing personal pain tolerances. I found both Michael Ressler and Zack Graber to be active listeners with genuine compassion and inspiring encouragement. Being athletes, they are both able to connect with the sports medicine recovery process 1st hand. The entire staff is welcoming, interactive and a fun atmosphere to look forwards to. For lasting value, Momentum Physical Therapy is my only choice. Make the same decision I did, because you are worth it.”

    – Mike Stults

  • “Thank you, Momentum Physical Therapy! My 11-year-old was having a lot of discomfort in his knee due to a soccer injury. With your kindness and guided exercise plan, stretching, and Kinesio Taping, he got completely better! Special thanks to Tracy and Mollie – you are amazing!”

    – R.R.

  • “Mike, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did on my heel while I was in Colorado. I am finally clear of my plantar fascitis thanks to you. I just need to find one of you in Florida!”

    – T.I.

  • “Mike, thanks so much. No pain! It was great to work with you. I am so grateful.”

    – H.C.

  • “I just wanted to thank everyone at Momentum for your help with my knee. Everything is feeling much better and I think I am almost at 100%.
  • You guys do a great job in providing a comfortable and professional environment and I really enjoyed the experience. I will recommend Momentum to anyone who might require physical therapy in the future!”

    – Chad Vaphides

  • “You are a great bunch at Momentum PT, so it makes it an easy decision when sending patients for therapy. Thanks so much!”

    – J.H., M.D.

  • “My patients always speak so highly of you and your practice. Keep up the good work!”

    – E.B., M.D.

  • “To everyone at Momentum Phyiscal Therapy: Thanks for taking such good care of me – Michele for handling my insurance and appointments, and Mike for fixing my leg. When you did the neddle therapy, you hit that spot that really hurt, and that was the spot that was bothering me. It’s so nice not to have the pain and soreness I’ve had for several years. Thanks for introducing me to needle therapy. And thanks to the rest of your staff for all they do!”

    – L.G.

  • “Mollie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your hard work in helping me. You listened and figured out the problem, rather than just saying that there’s nothing wrong and suggesting more pain pills. You were encouraging and patient in getting me to accept treatment, and with your upbeat attitude, made things okay. You’ve changed my life. I’m now walking most days, doing my stretches and exercises, and now we even own a treadmill. Thank you so much!”

    – K.S.

  • “To All, THANK YOU! Very much for all your hard work and professionalism! You have made my rehabilitation an enjoyable and effective experience. I have never met such professional, compassionate and dedicated bunch of people in all my dealings in life! Without a doubt you all have chosen the precise occupation and it is quite inspirational, especially in today’s fast pace world of greed and self indulgence. It’s fastidious to find professionals still listening, and respecting their patients without an atmosphere of arrogance. Keep up the good work and I wish you the best in every aspect of life and work!”

    – A.B.

  • “I value the relaxed sessions with concentrated effort during the timeframe. Over time with the correct exercises I do feel the results to my trouble area.”

    – K.M.

  • “Thank You so much for your presentation. I heard raving reviews from nursing leadership! Again, thank you for sharing your expertise with Hospice of Larimer County.”

    – Susan Roeder

  • “Tracy, I came to see you several times because my leg muscles were very tight and my knee was hurting. What you did has been a great help. I have not felt the need to see anyone else for the knee problem. Many thanks to you. If I need more attention from a physical therapist I will be back to see you!”

    – J.P.

  • “Very appreciative of the progress, personal consideration and results in pain reduction obtained. Obviously, Mike has a thorough understanding of physical therapy and of how to successfully apply it to stenosis and sciatica.”

    – H.B.

  • “Tracy, you have given me tools to help me for life. I will always be grateful.”

    – L.H.

  • “Tracy, Thank you so much for the time and attention you gave to my daughter. She says her back is feeling significantly better. She really responded well to you and has learned some skills to help her in life. You have been a blessing to our family in more ways than one.”

    – C.H.

  • “Mollie, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help. I’m going to the gym twice a week and feel better than I have for years. Thanks for all of your advice.”

    – L.L.

  • “Mollie, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and all you’ve done for me. you’ve given back to me a part of my life that I thought may have been gone forever Thanks for believing in me. I admire your skills and dedication to your practice and family.”

    – A.H.

  • “Michael, thank you for all the expertise of your profession and the inspiration that someday I will be able to do all the movements you claim I will be doing. Here is to hope and faith and luck.”

    – A.E.

  • “Mollie, my back is behaving fairly well and I wanted you to know how appreciative I am. My sincere thanks to you and the team for a job well done.”

    – B.B.

  • “Mollie, thank you so much for your generous work that makes me feel so much better and for taking the time to go to Dr. Tracy’s office. You are so special to me.”

    – J.M.

  • “Thank you so much for taking the time to help me figure out my problems. I feel much better with my new exercises. I really appreciate your help.”

    – T.G.

  • “Tracy, I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for your expertise in being my personal P.T.! As I have told you, your therapy surpassed the many sessions I have had at other places. Thank you, thank you!”

    – S.T.