About Us

Our clinic goals are to:

  • Service its patients with the greatest care, personalized attention and goal-driven treatment programs. We strive to maintain the consistency of each program and appropriately modify it when needed. We will be in constant communication with referring physician regarding the patient’s status. At least every 30 days, there will be a re-evaluation visit and a progress report will be available.
  • Utilize evidence-based practice. We are driven to use the most current techniques and require therapist attendance to continuing and higher education in order to provide the most updated information and further our skills and knowledge base.
  • Provide appointment times that are convenient and available to fit most everybody’s busy schedule. We make a commitment to keep flexible hours during the weekdays to accommodate patient’s work, school and activity schedules.
  • Have an environment that is easy to communicate with the therapist. Our therapists are available via email or just a phone call away for patients, physicians or adjusters who may have questions or need any clarifications on any part of their home exercise programs, treatments or status.
  • Maintain a clean facility that has a warm and personal feel, not intimidating unlike other medical or outpatient facilities. Our competent and friendly staff will be available to assist with all the paperwork pertaining to patients’ benefits, claims, prescription renewal and appeals.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about our services.

  • Momentum Physical Therapy
  • Momentum Physical Therapy